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A code management system from DEC.


(1) See content management system and color management system.

(2) (Context Management Standard) Data retrieval uniformity in the healthcare field. See CCOW and healthcare IT.

(3) (Conversational Monitor System) A guest operating system that provides interactive communications for IBM's VM operating system. See CP/CMS and VM.

(4) (Call Management System) An AT&T call accounting package for its PBXs.

(5) (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) See healthcare IT.
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This release extends calibration capabilities where IR models can be calibrated to IR Caps and Floors and the Libor Market Model (LMM) can be calibrated to Constant Maturity Swap Instruments in the most sophisticated multi-curve framework possible.
In addition, he has pioneered new structures in public finance by completing Texas' first constant maturity swap transaction for voted bonds, the first issuance of Qualified School Construction Bonds in Texas, the first variable rate refunding for a school district and the first tax credit financing for a charter school.
Constant Maturity Swap (CMS) Analytics (Swaps, Spread Options and Caps/Floors)
Reduced risk from swaps and liquidity facilities: BATA terminated $515 million of constant maturity swap options, decreased total swap portfolio by $337 million and replaced about $1.
In addition, management recently decided to unwind the outstanding constant maturity swap (CMS), which was not tied to any debt instrument.
Smith has extensive experience in implementing alternative structured financial products, including interest rate swaps, swaptions and rate-locks, and was the first to execute a structure such as the non-integrated swaption on a debt service reserve fund and the Index Floater structure and the Constant Maturity Swap.

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