Constraint Logic Programming

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Constraint Logic Programming

(CLP) A programming framework based (like Prolog) on LUSH (or SLD) resolution, but in which unification has been replaced by a constraint solver. A CLP interpreter contains a Prolog-like inference engine and an incremental constraint solver. The engine sends constraints to the solver one at a time. If the new constraint is consistent with the collected constraints it will be added to the set. If it was inconsistent, it will cause the engine to backtrack.

CLP* is a variant.

["Constraint Logic Programming", J. Jaffar et al, 14th POPL, ACM 1987].
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Upon receiving such events, the coordinator locates constraints in its constraint store based on current states, and propagates the constraints to roles where these constraints are imposed on computation actors.
After observing the propSend or propReady event propagated from the roles, a coordinator checks its constraint store and locates the corresponding constraints, which may depend on both the message parameters and the coordinator's own states.

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