Consumption of Materials

Consumption of Materials


(material-intensiveness), one of the basic factors of the economic efficiency of social production.

The consumption of materials characterizes the expenditure in specific terms (per unit of production) of material resources (basic and auxiliary materials, fuel, energy, and depreciation of fixed assets) needed for production. The consumption of materials can be measured in cost or physical terms. The index of the consumption of materials is used in analyzing the production-economic activity of industrial enterprises and, in particular, the unit cost of production, in comparing the specific input in different sectors of industry, in applying planning methods on a large scale for material-technical resources, and in fixing wholesale prices for new production.

Within the national economy, in order to eliminate double counting, the consumption of materials must be calculated by the final product, that is, by that part of the gross national product which is the characteristic result of the social production process. Depending on the sector of production, the index number of the consumption of materials can be as low as 0.54, for the peat industry; the average for USSR industry as a whole is 0.807. The accounting of the consumption of materials is done either according to targets (MT) or according to physical data (MP). The amount by which MP exceeds MT shows the reserves in the lowering of the consumption of materials.

Decreasing the consumption of materials is highly significant for the national economy: it reduces labor input as embodied in the economized material resources, promotes the increase in production output with the same production funds, and contributes to decreased cost and increased profitability. The main ways to reduce consumption of materials include using the most economical varieties, sizes, and brands of materials, providing preliminary treatment for the materials (for example, using enriched and concentrated minerals), reducing waste in the production process (employing precise methods of casting and stamping), and designing optimum product durability.


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Working in partnership with suppliers and customers, we promote effective best practice to reduce consumption of materials and get the best value possible from the resources we still throw away to landfill.
We are advancing the development of new synthetic processes based on the eco-friendly concept of "green chemistry," which is aimed at achieving global environmental sustainability through means such as preventing pollution and reducing consumption of materials and energy.
the maintenance work of the traffic safety is required replacement of defective equipment or no longer safe in operation, resulting in consumption of materials is represented in the category of building materials or auxiliary construction (galvanized wire for signaling) in accordance with the specification and annex.
What happened is that consumption of materials from the storage location has been tightly coupled with the supply of materials from the main warehouse, with only a minimum buffer in between.
He further said: "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing comprehensive developmental renaissance in a variety of fields, accompanied by an increasing growth in the consumption of materials and a significant increase in demand for electric power, pointing out that the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia realized the importance of this aspect and the urgent need to preserve this wealth, so royal directives were issued to mandatory apply the thermal insulation in all buildings.
lowering the consumption of materials by depositing coatings due to reducing the number of layers (to 10 %);
However, there is little evidence that the profession is innovating from the mere consumption of materials to the YA production of cultural representations in literary forms--from low-tech zines, to archives documenting local YA culture, to mobilizing the library as a location for young adults to develop and disseminate their own cultural experiences as young people today.
LEED certification recognises projects that achieve the highest environmental ratings for sustainability; water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, consumption of materials and resources, and indoor environment quality.
Eurometaux and Eurofer also observe that the domestic material consumption indicator (DMC) is not appropriate as a lead indicator because it is focused on consumption of materials used and disregards other resources, does not factor in hidden flows of materials in imported products and as such incentivises the import of finished products and the relocation of industry.
The scientists say developed and emerging economies should stabilise and then start reducing their consumption of materials by increased efficiency, waste reduction and more investment in sustainable resources.
With this tool, businesses can calculate how much CO2 will be reduced through ICT from factors including the consumption of materials, the movement of people and materials, office space, warehouse space, power consumption by ICT equipment, and volume of data communications.
Traditional tunneling requires the use of massive equipment and machinery, and substantial consumption of materials and natural resources.