Contact Metamorphism

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contact metamorphism

[′kän‚takt ‚med·ə′mȯr·fiz·əm]
Metamorphism that is genetically related to the intrusion or extrusion of magmas and takes place in rocks at or near their contact.
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Contact Metamorphism


the alteration of rock under the influence of intrusive magmatic bodies. Alteration occurs most intensively close to the intrusive body and diminishes with distance from it. Both sedimentary and magmatic rock may undergo contact metamorphism, in the course of which their original mineralogical content and structure change. As a result of contact metamorphism various hornfels and other rocks with corneous facies are formed.

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Infiltration may have been the dominant mechanism during contact metamorphism, with H2O-rich fluids derived from the crystallization of a granodiorite intrusion penetrating calcareous rocks in the contact aureole giving rise to a skarn-type mineralogy and the formation of Ti-clinohumite.
Only for the data of 60-110 m, it seems that the BET surface area decreases close to the intrusion; this may be caused by the coal matrix shrinkage and coal inner heterogeneity when the coal is cooling after the contact metamorphism. The number 7 and 8 coal seams are just under the sill; magma can intrude directly into the coal seams along the fault fracture zone.
Ferry, J.M., 1996b, Prograde and retrograde fluid flow during contact metamorphism of siliceous carbonate rocks from the Ballachulish aureole, Scotland: Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, v.
5, Table la, b), despite their potential association with magmatic fluids during contact metamorphism. The isotopic results suggest that these samples were overprinted by low-[sup.18]O hydrothermal fluids.
On one specific sample, with evidence of contact metamorphism, microstructures were described in more detail in order to characterize those linked to contact metamorphism.
Not only are the minerals fascinating, but Crestmore's unique contact metamorphism and skarn geology are particularly well-exposed for study.
While the complete profile of the eastern anticlinal limb has been preserved despite being affected by contact metamorphism (cordierite occurs to the west of Ceska Ves village as first Stankova, 1975), the southern anticlinal limb has been preserved only as separate blocks consisting of xenolith-bearing granite and tectonic blocks (at Vapenna and Skorosice).
Furthermore, a low-grade contact metamorphism has been identified in the sedimentary host-rocks at the Moncayo sector (Bastida et al., 1989).
(1996) noted that contact metamorphism of folded strata of the Stirling belt by the Chisholm Brook suite implies that folding of the Stirling belt can be bracketed between ca.
Contact metamorphism and metasomatism occurred at the margins of the pluton and in large roof pendants of limestone that were converted to skarns.
2006) have been demonstrated to be the result of contact metamorphism of the Goldenville and Halifax groups around Devonian and Carboniferous granitoid plutons (White et al.
The limestones in the neighborhood are contaminated with many different skarn minerals such as garnet, epidote, wollastonite and vesuvianite which were formed by regional or contact metamorphism or both.