contact adhesive

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contact adhesive, contact-bond adhesive, dry-bond adhesive

An adhesive that is apparently dry to the touch and adheres instantaneously upon contact.
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2 Remove the tape in the cutout area and apply the primer or contact adhesive with a brush.
As a result, Kraton polymers offer contact adhesive formulators and manufacturers custom formulations in construction, furniture and woodworking, footwear, carpet installation, foam and fabric, automotive aftermarket and graphic arts applications that will meet the new "green" requirements.
If it''s just a tear, fix it back in place with a contact adhesive like Fast-Tak which costs pounds 4.
Rubber is still important for many applications such as pressure sensitive and contact adhesive, tapes, sealants, shoe bonding and cured rubber attachment.
Tenders are invited for Adhesive Rubber Fevicol Sr 505/Sr998/Dunlop Ecobond Multipurpose Adhesive/Dunlop Ca Contact Adhesive Or Blucoat Sr747/Sr55 Or Rubber Adhesive Superbond 5-X In 5 Ltrs Pack.
A rubber-based contact adhesive was applied to my ears to allow an additional pointy pair to be added before medical-grade silicone was used on my face to replicate skin damage and scarring.
Where immediate bonding is needed -either because of high throughput or because further processing is required - a contact adhesive is the best option.
com IN THE FRAME To visually max up simple architrave, we topped each door with strips of MDF (size graded like an inverted pyramid) held with contact adhesive, then painted it all satin white.
Other firms honoured for their innovation awards include Tamworth-based Apollo Chemicals which has developed a new, environmentally-friendly contact adhesive and Sterling Power Products, based in Worcester, who have been recognised for their efficient mobile-power systems.
PVA adhesive should be used on the joint, rather than contact adhesive, and silicone mastic is the best thing to seal it.
If this is your first time working with contact adhesive, you're about to find out how strong it is.