contact adhesive

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contact adhesive, contact-bond adhesive, dry-bond adhesive

An adhesive that is apparently dry to the touch and adheres instantaneously upon contact.
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- Contact adhesives, based on chloroprene, have several performance advantages over substitute adhesive systems, in a wide variety of related applications, where quick, permanent, and high-strength bonds are desired.
Figure 7 shows that the adhesion strength of the Ekoprena water-based contact adhesive for wallpaper application was higher compared to commercial adhesives.
2 Remove the tape in the cutout area and apply the primer or contact adhesive with a brush.
As a result, Kraton polymers offer contact adhesive formulators and manufacturers custom formulations in construction, furniture and woodworking, footwear, carpet installation, foam and fabric, automotive aftermarket and graphic arts applications that will meet the new "green" requirements.
First, cut a section of one inch MDF a couple of inches larger all round than the top of the book case and secure in place using screws or strong contact adhesive. Next, cut four 4" long sections of 2" x 2" timber and attach one, using screws, at each corner of the bottom of the shelves to create new legs.
Individual layers were shaped using various cutting techniques, from lasers and water to hand trimming, and then fixed in place with hundreds of screws, bolts and litres of contact adhesive. The sculpture took three years to complete.
Barbara Allen AYOU could try a contact adhesive, but it is difficult to fix a crack on UPVC.
Barbara Allen, via email A You could try a contact adhesive but it is difficult to fix a crack on UPVC.
Where immediate bonding is needed -either because of high throughput or because further processing is required - a contact adhesive is the best option.
The wallpaper is Audrey, pounds 35 a roll by Marcel Wanders at Graham & Brown, IN THE FRAME To visually max up simple architrave, we topped each door with strips of MDF (size graded like an inverted pyramid) held with contact adhesive, then painted it all satin white.
Other firms honoured for their innovation awards include Tamworth-based Apollo Chemicals which has developed a new, environmentally-friendly contact adhesive and Sterling Power Products, based in Worcester, who have been recognised for their efficient mobile-power systems.