Container Ship

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container ship

[kən′tā·nər ‚ship]
(naval architecture)
A cargo ship which carries its cargo in weatherproof boxes (usually metal) of standard size, called containers, which need not be opened and are rapidly loaded or unloaded from the ship.

Container Ship


a ship for transporting cargo in containers. The construction of container ships rapidly increased after 1960 with the development of various types of container transport and the international standardization of container dimensions. The use of container ships has substantially cut transport expenses and loading and unloading time, in addition to ensuring the safety of cargo and its quick arrival at its destination. The carrying capacity of contemporary seagoing containerships is from 600 to 40,000 tons, and their speed is 22–65 km/hr (12–35 knots). The most common container ships are those with vertical loading (through cargo hatches). Containers are placed in the holds and on the upper deck (in one to four layers). Container ships usually run on the regular trade routes and are served at specialized container moorings by lifting cranes on shore.


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One more container ship of 6,500 container capacity ordered at STX (Dalian) Shipbuilding may be cancelled.
The first purpose-built container ships started operating in Denmark in 1951.
Israeli police arrested the captain and two lookouts of the container ship in October in the alleged hit-and-run case.
The EDN reports that Evergreen plans to build 10 9,000-9,200 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) container ships, instead of 8,000 TEUs as originally planned, while Yang Ming is in talk with shipbuilder for building 13,000 TEUs container ships.
will build six to nine 12,600-TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) container ships at a cost of over NT$20 billion, reported Frank F.
Hyundai Heavy s rich know-how of building 550 quality container ships over the past years and its capacity to deliver the massive volume of ships in the short period in cooperation with its shipbuilding affiliate Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries performed an important role in winning the order for the ten container ships.
Meanwhile another container ship also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim on Friday morning.
Meanwhile, another container ship also arrived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim on same day.
V Mara and container ship ACX Salvia sailed out to sea during last 24 hours, while three more ships, container ship CMA CGM Onyx, oil tanker Al-Soor-III and edible oil vessel Royal Emerald are expected to sail on Thursday.
Separately, Harbor Commissioners approved a policy resolution to promote Mayor Hahn's Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) program by helping each existing Port customer underwrite the cost of building or retrofitting their first container ship to run on electrical power when berthed at the Port.
Three ships, oil tanker Al-Soor-II, General cargo carrier Palawan and Container ship Maersk Missouri sailed out to sea during last 24 hours, while edible oil vessel Samho Crystal is expected to sail on Tuesday.
Container ship Maersk Georgia, Oil tanker Mire and Chemicals carrier Win Canton are expected to take berths at Container Terminal, FOTCO Terminal and Engro Terminal respectively on Monday.

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