Conte, Giuseppe

Conte, Giuseppe,

1964–, Italian political leader, grad. Sapienza Univ. of Rome law school, 1988. A law professor at the Univ. of Florence and a political independent, he was a political novice who was not widely known when he was named premier in June, 2018, by the populist, antiestablishment coalition government formed by the leftist Five Star Movement (M5S), led by Luigi Di Maio, and the right-wing League, led by Matteo SalviniSalvini, Matteo,
1973–, Italian politician, b. Milan. A member of the right-wing League (formerly the Northern League) from 1990, he served as a Milan city councilor (1993–2012), in Italy's Chamber of Deputies (2008–9), and in the European Parliament (EP)
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. In 2019, when Salvini sought to force new elections, Conte resigned and denounced him as obstructionist. M5S then formed a government with the Democrats and two smaller parties (including Matteo RenziRenzi, Matteo,
1975–, Italian political leader. Renzi was a member of the Italian People's party, which merged (2002) with other parties to form Democracy Is Freedom—The Daisy, which then merged (2007) with the Democrats of the Left to become the Democratic party
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's Viva Italia, which left the coalition in 2021); Conte again became premier.
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He is survived by four sons, Santo Conte and his wife Bombina, Giuseppe "Joe" Conte and his wife Pina, Angelo Conte and his wife Darlene all of Worcester and Antonio Conte and his wife Assunta of Acri, Italy; his daughter, Francesca Patramanis and her husband Perry of Worcester; eleven grandchildren, Anthony Conte and his wife Francesca, Karin Conte and her partner Diedra Finney, Frank Conte, Giuseppe "Pino" Conte all of Worcester, Domenic "Mimmo" Conte and his wife Nicole of Virginia, Rosie Scano and her husband Derek of Millbury, Constantino "Dino" Patramanis, Tatiana Conte, Alessia Conte, Giuliano Conte and Simona Conte all of Worcester; nine great grandchildren; many nieces, nephews and cousins.
Giuseppe Conte, Giuseppe Conte e nato in Liguria nel 1945.