Internet filtering

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Internet filtering

Blocking content coming into and going out to the Internet. Accomplished by firewall software residing in a stand-alone device, router or user's machine, or in a filtering program in each user's machine, content can be blocked by website or Internet service. For example, users might be allowed access to the Web but not to file transfers (FTP).

Websites and Internet Services
websites and Internet services can be blocked for specific users or for all users. Blocked websites are identified by their Web address (URL), by words in their address or by domain (.com, .edu, etc.).

Identified by their TCP/IP port number; for example, Web traffic is port #80, Internet services can be blocked as a complete group such as the entire Web, all e-mail and all file transfers.

In the home, parents can restrict their children's access with special browsers and filtering programs (see parental control software).
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03's four new spam-blocking features: Identify adult subjects even if subject line is using an alternate character set or Base 64 encoding; automatically add a sender's IP address to the spam content category of the integrated content filter database if the majority of e-mail from that address is spam; conduct a DNS query on known spam URLs and add the corresponding IP addresses to the spam category in the content filter database; and check the IP addresses of unknown URLs to determine whether they are from a spam-categorized IP address.
Alltel (NYSE:AT), owner of America's largest wireless network, announced today that it is offering parents a free mobile Web content filter to protect children from accessing potentially inappropriate Internet sites via their Alltel wireless phones.
While no content filter is perfect, the service that we are announcing today will go a long way toward insuring a more family-friendly mobile Web for our customers and their children.
Skip authenticated users--The receiving email server can allow all email from authenticated users (users that provided a username and password during the SMTP transaction) to bypass the content filters.
The SDK includes a range of site and content filters as well as productivity filters which can restrict access to non-work related sites in business applications.
At the same time, the need to protect sensitive corporate information from being accessed or disseminated by employees, avoid becoming subject to data mining by rival companies and prevent the misuse of the Internet by employees is adding impetus to the search for effective content filters.
At the same time, content filters are being regarded as a way of evading costly lawsuits.
To prevent viewing of images from cached search engine results, the Barracuda Spyware Firewall now integrates with content filters from popular image search engines, including Google, Yahoo

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