Internet filtering

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Internet filtering

Blocking content coming into and going out to the Internet. Accomplished by firewall software residing in a stand-alone device, router or user's machine or in a filtering program in each user's machine, content can be blocked based on website address or Internet service. For example, users might be allowed access to the Web but not to transfer files (see FTP).

Websites and Internet Services
Incoming content can be blocked for specific users or for all users. Blocked websites can be recognized by their Web address (URL) or by elements within the URL. All Internet traffic is identified by port number, and an entire service can be blocked by this number. For example, websites use port 80 and file transfers are 20, 21 and 22 (see well-known port).

Outgoing requests to the Web can be compared with local and cloud-based databases of known malicious URLs. In addition, depending on company policy, lists of restricted website categories can be maintained such as shopping, news, streaming videos and pornography.

In the home, parents can restrict their children's access with special browsers and filtering programs (see parental control software).
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Parkway School District (PSD) is accepting proposals for a Cloud-Based Content Filtering platform for its fleet of approximately 14,000 Chromebooks.
[USPRwire, Mon Oct 08 2018] According to Transparency Market Research's new market report, titled 'Web Content Filtering Market -- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2013 -- 2019', the need for web content filtering has increased with the exponential growth of the Internet that has also increased the number of cyber-attacks and cyber threats in the web world.Internet malware and cyber-attacks are on the rise, leading to breaches of confidential information and security, data theft, and easy access to undesirable content.
Content filtering beyond school walls has always been next to impossible, but this SecureSchool feature solves the problem and gives K-12 staff peace of mind.
Your school's content filtering technology and strategy needs to adapt to new challenges brought about with the growth of 1 -to-1 programs.
Adblock Plus is not the only content filtering add-in for the Samsung Internet browser.
A common method of Internet content filtering uses lists and categories.
Its capabilities include URL filtering based on website categories, real-time content filtering, file blocking, protocol
Its capabilities include URL filtering based on website categories, real-time content filtering, file blocking, protocol and application filtering, multi-policy controls for age appropriate segmentation and online content inspection and filtering for uncategorized URLs.
The first phase of the deal will see NetSTAR's content filtering, malware protection and parental control technology embedded within SentryBay's existing mobile security software.
After more than a year and a half, Ufone is the first operator in the country which has managed to restore applications for BlackBerry users after developing a content filtering solution which blocks specific pages of a website, a technology not yet available with BlackBerry mobile manufacturer Research In Motion.
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According to the company, routers with OpenDNS technology offer consumers web content filtering and security services, ensuring that all connected devices in the household are guarded from unsuitable online content via the built-in and customisable OpenDNS parental control solution.

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