content management system

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content management system

A software suite that is used to create and manage documents and websites. The term is generally associated with Web content, but systems are developed to maintain all kinds of information (see document management system).

One of the features of a comprehensive content management system (CMS) versus a basic Web authoring program is its ability to update the entire site when global changes are made, eliminating the tedium of updating each page one at a time. The CMS may allow the Web designer to manage the site from a single console, and it may also provide versioning, which keeps track of all the changes made to each Web page so they can be rolled back if necessary.

The CMS accepts third-party plug-ins that provide functions such as banner advertising, shopping carts, blogs, wikis, newsletters, opinion polls, chat rooms and forums. Over the years, a few Web publishers have custom-coded their own content management systems, but there have been myriad CMS packages available on the market offering quite a variety of different features and approaches. However, as of 2015, the most popular open source CMS platform is WordPress. Joomla! and Drupal come in a distant second and third. See WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and OSCOM.
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The whole idea of a content management system is to allow the knowledge experts in your association to maintain their own Web site pages, adds Rob Downs, Web content manager, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, Rosslyn, Virginia.
Learning Tree intends to begin presenting Content Management Systems for Web Sites: Hands-On in North America in October 2006 and at its London Education Center in November 2006.
BrowserMedia's featured product is BrowserCMS, an enterprise class, fully customizable web content management system.
However, as ASME Web usage grew, it needed a search solution that could easily integrate with the organization's new content management system, provide faster and more accurate indexing, and full management features and reporting capabilities.
RAOM is a documented API that enables third parties to build integrations between Arbortext and repositories such as content management systems.
The community is also enhancing JEMS platform with related technologies such as portlets and content management systems that enable enterprises to pick and choose the extensions that make the most sense for their portal applications.
The hosted version of RedDot's software reduces the amount of resources needed, making it an affordable way to get a powerful and sophisticated content management system up and running.
Keller sought assistance in eliminating content redundancy across print publications, defining workflow changes, evaluating and implementing an appropriate content management system to support single sourcing, and choosing and implementing a new print composition system.
Marketers can now optimize web site content and marketing campaigns on the fly by leveraging WebTrends comprehensive content, marketing, and conversion analytics and CrownPeak's sophisticated workflow features that enable the Content Management System (CMS) to automatically execute rules based on the web analytics results.
Enterprises and developers can now download the first enterprise-class content management system that utilizes the power of open source.

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