content management system

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content management system

A software suite that is used to create and manage documents and websites. The term is generally associated with Web content, but systems are developed to maintain all kinds of information (see document management system).

One of the features of a comprehensive content management system (CMS) versus a basic Web authoring program is its ability to update the entire site when global changes are made, eliminating the tedium of updating each page one at a time. The CMS may allow the Web designer to manage the site from a single console, and it may also provide versioning, which keeps track of all the changes made to each Web page so they can be rolled back if necessary.

The CMS accepts third-party plug-ins that provide functions such as banner advertising, shopping carts, blogs, wikis, newsletters, opinion polls, chat rooms and forums. Over the years, a few Web publishers have custom-coded their own content management systems, but there have been myriad CMS packages available on the market offering quite a variety of different features and approaches. However, as of 2019, the most popular open source CMS platform is WordPress. Joomla! and Drupal come in a distant second and third. See WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and OSCOM.
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knowledge of the content management systems used by WHO (desirable);
[ClickPress, Tue Oct 16 2018] Web content management systems enable the users to create, edit and publish digital content such as text, video and/or audio files that are embedded with the text and interactive graphics that make up the content of any presentable website.
An in-house team provides a wide range of services including app development, web design, search engine optimization, social networking, and design and development of e-learning systems, intranets and content management systems. For web development and online strategy, visit
For years, organizations have utilized enterprise content management systems to store and archive vast amounts of valuable business documents and reports related to operations, customers and suppliers.
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Furthermore, the content management and communication functionality in e-learning platforms is typically restricted and often inferior when compared with the more general implementations available in Web content management systems. Since content management systems (CMS) offer more general and more robust functions for managing content, we argue that e-learning platforms should be based on content management systems.
Those who work in content management systems (CMSs) know that the content creation process can often be time-consuming and unwieldy.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-3 April 2008-Atex Group Ltd acquires Swedish content management systems provider Polopoly AB(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Modera said it plans to introduce version 4.5 and Pro at Internet World 2007 in order to demonstrate that its software is able to deliver content management systems with increased control at affordable prices.
According to Wilkoff (as cited in Kaplan, 2002), "It's no longer strictly about Web content--it's just as much about managing users who are involved in the content process as it is about managing the content." In order to meet user expectations, content management systems should offer the following capabilities: repository management and version control, with check-out/check-in features; delegated administrative capabilities; search; workflow process control; authoring, template creation, and file transfer processes (Arnold, 2003; Jenkins, Kohler, & Shackleton, 2006; & Kaplan, 2002).
Arron Ferguson's CREATING CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN JAVA (1584504668, $49.95) offers a fast yet detailed introduction to CMS, which offers an open source for customizing a data system.

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