Continental System

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Continental System

Continental System, scheme of action adopted by Napoleon I in his economic warfare with England from 1806 to 1812. Economic warfare had been carried on before 1806, but the system itself was initiated by the Berlin Decree, which claimed that the British blockade of purely commercial ports was contrary to international law. It was extended by the Warsaw Decree (1807), the Milan Decree (1807), and the Fontainebleau Decree (1810), which forbade trade with Great Britain on the part of France, her allies, and neutrals. Napoleon expected that the unfavorable trade balance and loss of precious metals would destroy England's credit, break the Bank of England, and ruin English industry. Great Britain retaliated by the orders in council, which forbade nearly all trade between England and any nation obeying the Berlin Decree. One of the most dramatic results of the commercial warfare was the English bombardment of neutral Copenhagen (1807) and the seizure of the Danish fleet. The trade restrictions of the continental system led to a decline of the significance of Amsterdam; it never regained its former prominence. England had control of the sea, and large-scale smuggling thrived all along the European coast (with U.S. privateers taking a large part in the illegal trade). Napoleon himself issued special licenses for trade bringing in colonial goods on the payment of duties. Napoleon's Russian campaign of 1812 was brought on by Russia's refusal to conform to the decrees, and the war between England and the United States, known as the War of 1812, was to some extent a result of the economic warfare. But so difficult was the enforcement of the system that in his effort to impose it on Russia, Napoleon had to violate it in France. Whether the continental system delayed the introduction of the Industrial Revolution to France is much debated, though it did foster the development of beet sugar manufacture and machine spinning of textiles.


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Napoleon Bonaparte's 'Continental System' was a blockade whose aim was to cripple Britain's economy during the Napoleonic wars in the early 19th century.
In 1806 Napoleon introduced the "Continental System" (sound vaguely familiar?) which shut the ports of mainland Europe to British goods and included the impounding of British goods and the arrest of British citizens abroad.
Addressing the fourth meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Member States of CICA here on Thursday, President Nazarbayev said: "Compared to Europe and its developed institutes of security, Asia does not have a continental system similar to the OSCE."
Who set up the Continental System to try to blockade Britain?
But nor does he appear to feel able to establish a fullyfledged continental system at Chelsea where a sporting director wields considerable power.
Just five years before, Napoleon had concluded the Treaty of Tilsit with Tsar Alexander of Russia and was attempting to economically strangle the British by enforcement of the Continental System. By 1812, Napoleon had nearly achieved the effective political control of the power centers of Eurasia that Sir Halford Mackinder later considered the necessary and sufficient condition for a world empire.
It is another insidious attempt to do away with jury trials altogether and adopt the continental system of justice instead of our own tried and tested system.
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Section prizes went to Blackwood's Matthew Morgan and Mal Entwhistle, from Cardiff, who tied with 23lb 7oz; Newport AA treasurer Martyn Truman with 22lb 4oz and Steve Ayers, from Cardiff, who topped his section with 21lb 15oz The Sunday match on Morgans Pond and School Pool was decided on the continental system with the top weight overall the winner, then the runner-up the best weight from the other water and so on.
Now is the time to lay the solid foundation of an integrated continental system. The next generation will thank us for that.
A chapter on "Napoleon as Strategist" (which focuses primarily on his strategic failures in Spain, Russia, and with the Continental System) also revisits familiar territory.

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