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river, c.466 mi (750 km) long, rising in S Honduras and flowing E into Nicaragua and then NE to the Caribbean Sea. Part of the Mosquito CoastMosquito Coast
or Mosquitia
, region, east coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. The name is derived from the Miskito, the indigenous inhabitants and remnants of the Chorotega, who were never conquered by the Spanish. Never exactly delimited, the region is a belt c.
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 region, and once the object of dispute between Honduras and Nicaragua, the middle and lower course forms the boundary between the two countries. The Coco River was formerly known as the Segovia River.
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The Tandy Color Computer with a Motorola MC6809E CPU. The Dragon is a CoCo clone. The CoCo was as powerful as the IBM XT at the time it was made, and could run OS-9.
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(36) In 2011, the Basel Committee announced that global systemically important financial institutions ("G-SIFIs") would not be allowed to use contingent convertible bonds to meet Basel III's capital requirements.
Herring, "How to design a contingent convertible debt requirement that helps solve our too-big-to-fail problem," Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, vol.
It would not be right to claim that contingent convertibles, henceforth cocos, are so familiar as to need no introduction.
"Why and How to Design a Contingent Convertible Debt Requirement." Wharton Financial Institutions Center Working Paper 11-41 (April).
The Basel draft surprised the industry by ruling out the use of hybrid debt known as contingent convertible capital or CoCos which convert to equity in times of stress.
For bankers, Harford says, such gates might include higher capital requirements, bankruptcy contingency plans, and the judicious use of contingent convertible bonds, which turn into equity when a banks crashes.
The bank also plans to pay some of its staff bonuses in contingent convertible bonds, known as "cocos", which some investors think are too generous.
Credit Suisse's (NYSE: CS) plan to sell contingent convertible bonds (CoCos) has been opposed by a shareholder group, Ethos Foundation.
Earlier in the month, Qatar Holding, a unit of QIA, invested in contingent convertible bonds issued by Credit Suisse .
Chief executive Bob Diamond is considering paying a large proportion of bonuses in special contingent convertible bonds that are effectively worthless if the bank runs into trouble, newspaper reports said.
convertible capital (contingent convertible bonds, or CoCos).
Second quarter highlights also included the retirement of the approximately $50 million aggregate principal amount of 4 percent contingent convertible subordinated notes.