Continuous Production

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continuous production

[kən¦tin·yə·wəs prə′dək·shən]
(industrial engineering)
Manufacture of products, such as chemicals or paper, involving a sequence of processes performed by a series of machines receiving the materials through a closed channel of flow.
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Continuous Production


a set of continuous technological processes organized into a production line, a section, a shop, or an entire enterprise. Continuous production is characteristic of industrial sectors turning out a uniform basic product, such as metallurgical products; of sectors engaging in mass production of products assembled from components into a single unit, such as motor vehicles, tractors, and clothing; and of sectors in which continuity of production is dictated by the nature of the technology, such as electrical power generation and the production of chemicals and food.

Continuous production ordinarily reduces the required production time, promotes increased labor productivity, and ensures fuller use of fixed assets and acceleration of the rate of turnover of stocks. It is most effective with flow production. With the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the sphere of continuous production has expanded significantly through mechanization and automation not only in primary but also in auxiliary production.

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HART DOOR SYSTEMS says its flagship Speedor Super high speed door (pictured), has been in continuous production since 1983 and many thousands of doors have been installed on challenging sites across the world.
The operation marked a new record for the plant's longest continuous production run of 517 consecutive days online.
At the global level, oil prices went down due to the increased and continuous production in the United States in a move comes because of OPEC's efforts to rebalance the market.
At the May Rapid & TCT Show in Pittsburgh, a developmental 3D-printing system unveiled by Stratasys, Eden Prairie, Minn., is said to represent a significant step in low-volume, continuous production using additive manufacturing.
Optical sensors can be used to ensure hopper levels are always maintained for continuous production. The ergonomic power lift feature allows operators to change bowls without lifting.
The vehicle has been in continuous production at the Coventry car maker's Solihull factory since 1948.
This technology represents a new high-throughput, scalable synthesis method, EPIC, which enables continuous production of BNNTs.
US Patent 8,916,627 (December 23, 2014), "Methods and Devices for Continuous Production of Polymeric Dispersions," Bruce Edward Wade, Witold Szydlowski, Mike Yi Ren Chen, and Stefaan Maurice Florquin (Solutia Inc., St.
GEA Niro Soavi's Ariete NS5355 was developed to meet industry demand for ultrahigh capacity, energy-efficient and reliable high pressure for continuous production (24/7).
Royal Enfield, the world's oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, has invited the veterans to become guests of honour at this year's Goodwood Revival at the Goodwood Circuit in West Sussex from September 12 to 14.

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