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Hoshiai H, Uehara S, Nagaike F, Momono K, Hoshi K, Suzuki M (1982) Action mechanism of gossypol as a male contraceptive agent, in vitro study (Leydig cell of rats).
In addition, women not on anticoagulation who have had VTE from unknown cause, during pregnancy, or associated with estrogen use should avoid oral contraceptive agents.
The guidelines emphasize three pharmacokinetic issues that should be considered during drug development: 1) the effects of the menstrual cycle and menopausal status, 2) the effects of concomitant estrogen supplementation or use of systemic contraceptive agents, including both estrogen-progestin combinations and long-acting progesterones, and 3) the influence of a drug on the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.
Commonly Prescribed Branded Oral Contraceptive Agents
Fensome's work on the development of nonsteroidal oral contraceptive agents has resulted in seven drug candidates that have advanced into development.
Forbes has also developed innovative fermentation technology that converts plant sterols into fine chemical intermediates essential in the production of various pharmaceutical steroids such as contraceptive agents and anti-inflammatories.