contract manager

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contracting officer

The person designated as an official representative of the owner with specific authority to act in his behalf in connection with a project.
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If you are witnessing relating to changes in dispersal, particularly those as a result of any increases in the dispersal of UASC, you should inform your contract manager.
Dolphin Software, a developer of contract management software, has launched Dolphin Contract Manager for SharePoint, contract management software that brings cost, time and risk reduction to organisations standardising on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
1) Those in government who interact with businesses in ways that directly impact their bottom line are the contract managers.
Protech has provided a variety of full-time employees, ranging from quantity surveyors and architects to site and contract managers.
Customer contract manager Fraser Pithie returned to Stratford County Primary School, in Broad Street, the school he left 30 years ago, to distribute bottles to the children.
IT was encouraging to hear from Julian Burke, chief executive officer of the MTA, that a contract manager who was fired after she submitted material dealing with waste, fraud and other matters to investigators has been reinstated.
Contract Manager puts at your fingertips pertinent information regarding time, money, quality, rights and obligations regarding any contract.
McKesson Contract Manager, in particular, will help us standardize policies and workflows that support the complex contracting requirements of new care delivery and reimbursement programs.
as contract manager and National Business Parks of Princeton, the managing arm of Lawrence Zirinsky Associates which acquired the 3-building Southgate complex last year.
Expressing concern Thursday about the layoff of a whistle-blowing contract manager at the MTA, the agency's board members ordered an investigation into the firing.
Contract Manager is part of Revitas's Enterprise Revenue Dynamics solution, providing end-to-end contract automation tightly integrated with pricing execution and compliance fulfillment.
No matter whether this is your first or third career (come to think of it, how many of us said "I want to be a contract manager when I grow up?
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