Contract administration

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Contract administration

Architectural services that are commonly provided during construction of a project; these typically include construction observation, review of shop drawings and materials samples, processing change orders, and approving certificates of payment to the contractor.
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contract administration

The duties and responsibilities of the architect during the construction phase.
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A Multi-Functional Integrated Process Team (MFIPT) consists of the requiring activity, resource manager, legal advisor, contract execution team, contract administration team, and others.
To learn more about Lease Contract Administration by Nakisa, visit their website or contact
* Learning about the various contract types and their impact on contract administration
To effectively administer the contract, the supplier should appoint someone to "own" the contract administration function and bold that person accountable for his of her performance.
The I-many Sarbanes-Oxley Suite helps to establish internal controls through a comprehensive set of contract administration tools that facilitate contract-related tasks, events and milestones.
Release 4.0 includes a number of significant enhancements to FINEOS Life, particularly the contract administration functionality, as well as the release of the company's Intelligent Event Engine for the delivery of event-based business transaction processing for each of its lines of business.
Knowledge of mine hazards, environmental issues, current regulatory standards and contract administration gives them a unique perspective on the best programs available for your project.
Mr Wells is particularly experienced in project management, contract administration and development monitoring.
The Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) was created in 1990 under DLA in order to present a single face to the defense industry, to develop uniform policies, to upgrade the performance of the contract administration services workforce, and to reduce costs of operation.
If your master plan has been well established, the contract administration plan will merely seem like deja vu.
Contract administration goes a step further and is involved with overcoming problems that arise during the course of contract implementation not foreseen when the contract was drawn up.
* Provides technical assistance in the form of industrial engineering, assistive technology, production planning, quality control, inventory management, cost analysis, pricing, procurement, contract administration, and assistance in complying with CP-BOSH, Department of Labor and other government regulations.

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