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Besides being a good idea that grew out of a displaced community, the project was developed mostly by Afro-Colombians like Julio Contreras.
Contreras points to recent situations where senior administrators and faculty at accredited universities have been proven to have fake or substandard degrees.
He may be best known for his prolific writing about birds, but Eugene author and longtime higher education administrator Alan Contreras has a different bee in his bonnet when it comes to C.
com)-- Carla Christina Contreras, an actress who was born and raised in Hollywood, has been selected as a featured artist for the 2014 Artlightenment showcase in Nashville, Tennessee.
In the case of Clinton Elementary School over the last month or so, it is a credit to the people planning a retirement send-off for Principal Geri Sargent and Vice Principal Kenny Contreras.
PABLO CONTRERAS is Chile's hard man at the back - and is as wild and volatile off the pitch as he is on it.
VALENCIA - Rich Contreras was devastated when he left Robinson Ranch on Friday after completing his qualifying round for the AT&TChampions Classic.
Frances Contreras in interviewing teachers, parents and students in eight school districts across Washington state is what little progress has been made in Hispanic educational attainment.
In the document, Contreras says that since the Rettig Report, released by a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1991 (see NotiSur, 2001-01-12, Chronicle, 1990-04-26), "situations that translated into alleged violations of the human rights of terrorists and other people who espoused violence" systematically began to be blamed solely on the DINA.
Member Danny Contreras put the address on his website, which no longer seems to exist, and other shelter opponents put up fliers, posters and banners at community meetings.
Contreras has been promoted to senior vice president of Pulitzer Inc.