Control Cable

Control Cable


a multistrand cable for transmission of information on the state, location, or operating conditions of objects being controlled; it is used where direct access to such objects is difficult or impossible. Control cables occupy an intermediate position between power cables and communications cables. They are widely used to connect electric instruments and apparatus, for secondary switching of remote-control starters and regulators, for protective relaying, and in automation.

In contrast to communications cables, control cables are capable of carrying current loads. Their strands consist of single copper or aluminum wires (four to 61 strands with a cross section of 1–10 sq mm; for cross sections from 4–10 sq mm the number of strands does not exceed ten). The insulation is made of rubber, polyethylene, or polyvinyl chloride, and the sheath is made of lead or plastic. The use of corrugated steel sheathing is promising. In the USSR control cables are manufactured for voltages up to 660 volts (AC) or up to 1,000 volts (DC) and for operation in ambient temperatures from – 50° to 50°C. For control cables with plastic insulation the permissible conductor temperature is 65°-70°C. As of 1973 about 30 types of control cables were manufactured in the USSR.


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The seminar conducted on the new "Code of Practice" is entitled "BS 8519:2010 Selection and installation of fire-resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire-fighting applications".
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