Control key

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control key

[kən′trōl ‚kē]
(computer science)
A special key on a computer keyboard which, when depressed together with another key, generates a different signal than would be produced by the second key alone.
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Control key

Abbreviated "Ctrl" or "Ctl." A modifier key that is pressed with a letter or digit key to command the computer. The caret symbol is a common symbol for Control; for example, ^Y means Ctrl-Y.

In most Windows applications, holding down Control and pressing the left or right Arrow key moves the cursor to the previous or next word. Likewise, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U turn bold, italic and underline on and off. The Mac uses two modifier keys; for example, Option/Arrow moves the cursor, while Command-B, I and U toggle bold, italic and underline. Control is used to edit Mac and Unix command lines; for example, Ctrl-L clears the screen. See Command key.

Control vs. Caps Lock
On the original IBM PC in 1981, the Control key was placed left of the A key. In 1985, IBM swapped the location of the frequently used Control key with the rarely used Caps Lock key, making keyboarding more cumbersome, especially for touch typists. Like sheep, all keyboard manufacturers followed suit. Fortunately, the Control key can be restored to its former location using Registry hacks, custom keyboard control panels or programmable keyboards. See Alt key and PC keyboard.

Swap the Keys
This Microsoft keyboard control panel restores the Control key to its original location. This is an easy way to make the switch.

Updated Key Caps
This programmable keyboard came with a "puller" to pop off the old Control and Caps Lock key caps and exchange them for new ones. Most keyboards do not come with this bonus. See Avant Stellar keyboard.

Even the Mac
Mac keyboards use the same Caps Lock location as PC keyboards, but the OS X control panel allows the modifier keys to be easily changed by the user.
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The remote control key fob has a range of around 30 metres.
* If you press the Control key and the letter "s" at the same time, the computer will save what you are working on but will not print the letter "s" on the screen.
Designed with a slim bezel for multiple displays support, the BenQ BL2411PT features a touch control key, DP connectivity, and a stand-by power consumption rate of 0.3W, apart from Windows 8 and 7 compatibility.
Windows users should substitute the Control key for the Mac's Command key in each shortcut.
Washington, Dec 7 (ANI): US diplomats are skeptical about eventually winning the military struggle in Pakistan's badlands, saying that peace talks go nowhere and murderous militants control key towns, a diplomatic cable unveiled by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks has revealed.
He will control key vehicles and equipment and manage a central command team based at the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire.
The CM-5 can be used in "stand alone" mode thanks to the multi-language firmware, large colour screen and control key panel, or connected to the optional PC software SpectraMagic NX.
But after seven months of being locked out of his motor, Toyota have finally agreed to fix Keith's remote control key.
Bayley and Holdom then walked away, with Bayley using the car's remote control key to lock Mr Ahmed inside.
A world first for a car of this segment is the inclusion of a rear window that can be opened independently of the tailgate and either manually or via the remote control key; a handy feature when your arms are full or in a tight parking space.
* Some mills are using "kickouts" on their forklifts so that if a driver runs into something, the forklift will not operate until a supervisor turns a control key. This makes investigating accidents and mishaps much simpler.
Hard-liners control key government institutions, including the broadcast networks, the military and police and have been trying to stifle the social and political reforms initiated by Pres.