control system

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control system

[kən′trōl ‚sis·təm]
A system in which one or more outputs are forced to change in a desired manner as time progresses.
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control network

A group of interconnected devices that manage machines, lights, valves, appliances and other physical devices. Control networks are used in countless applications in factories, in the field, in the home or office as well as within buildings, cars, trucks and other vehicles. See home control network and industrial control network.

industrial automation

Making products under the control of computers and programmable controllers. Manufacturing assembly lines as well as stand-alone machine tools (CNC machines) and robotic devices fall into the industrial automation category. See OPC, discrete manufacturing, process control, PLC, DCS and PAC.

process control

The automated control of a process. Process control is used extensively in oil refining, chemical processing, electrical generation and the food and beverage industries where the creation of a product is based on a continuous series of processes being applied to raw materials.

Such systems typically deal with analog signals from sensors and meters that are transmitted to specialized computers which cause the temperature, pressure and flow to be continually adjusted (see DCS and PAC). Process control makes extensive use of analog/digital and digital/analog conversion. See process controller, control loop and industrial automation.
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Understanding the different control mechanisms at two distinct stages of brain development may provide researchers with new tools to manipulate neural stem cells.
The minister said that in order for the system to work, a constant review of the control mechanisms had to be enforced as criminal circles found ways to evade the procedures being used at the moment.
A statement issued by the Commission said meeting was convened on the direction of the Minister for Finance, Mohammad Ishaq Dar to finalize its recommendations on the price control mechanism for essential food commodities.
Whereas the control mechanisms within domestic arena are tight, the delegation relationships on sub-national level give more room for deviation and self-determination for the parliamentarians.
However, their performance on three explicit control tasks indicated that different control mechanisms were involved in recovery.
parliamentary control mechanisms in the security sector, which is one of the key sectors, shall be put on the agenda," Sesiashvili stressed.
However, each minimization of the meaning of these control mechanisms that are available to the opposition is only vitiation of democracy and making the regime stronger, especially if this is carried out by so-called "independent" experts, who are asked for advisability of undertaking such steps against the government.
A properly designed [CO.sub.2] incubator is crucial to cell growth and must feature precise [CO.sub.2] gas, temperature, air quality and relative humidity control to promote cell culture growth, as well as control mechanisms to prevent contamination within the growth chamber.
Mr Khan will be responsible for setting up the appropriate internal control mechanisms and appropriate corporate governance frameworks as well as supporting the wider Middle East region.
GAO was asked to review (1) the effect that the program structure has on the level of support and types of services in rural areas, (2) the extent to which FCC has developed performance goals and measures for the program, and (3) the extent to which FCC has implemented internal control mechanisms. GAO reviewed relevant documents; interviewed federal and state officials, industry participants, and experts; conducted 11 state site visits; and conducted a survey of state regulators, available online at GAO-08-662SP.