Converter Substation

converter substation

[kən′vərd·ər ′səb‚stā·shən]
An electric power substation whose main function is the conversion of power from ac to dc, and vice versa.

Converter Substation


an electric substation for the conversion of electric current—primarily with respect to frequency or the number of phases. It can be used to convert a three-phase current of a commercial frequency generated by an electric power plant into a direct current to feed, for example, high-power electrolytic equipment, variable-speed electric drives for machine tools and rolling mills, galvanic baths, and contact systems of electrified transport. Conversion to an alternating current of a frequency that is higher or lower than the commercial frequency is used for supplying power to such devices as variable-speed AC electric drives, induction heating equipment, and induction furnaces. Conversion to a single-phase alternating current is done to supply power to, for example, high-capacity arc furnaces and single-phase contact systems. In DC power transmission lines, converter substations are used to convert a three-phase current to a direct current (rectification) at the sending end of the line and to achieve a reverse conversion (inversion) at the receiving end of the line. In addition, inversion is used when a DC source, such as a magnetohydrodynamic generator or a storage battery, must be connected to an AC distribution system.

Both rotating and static converters are used in converter substations, but the rotating equipment—such as motor-generator units or single-armature converters—is being generally replaced by the more economical and more reliable static rectifier-type converters. A high-capacity converter substation includes AC distribution equipment, a machine room with converting equipment, distribution equipment for direct (rectified) current, cooling and ventilating systems, and auxiliary equipment.


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