Cook Forest State Park

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Cook Forest State Park

Location:In northwestern Pennsylvania, off PA 36 north.
Facilities:226 class A campsites (some with electricity, 6 @di), group tent camp, showers, flush and pit toilets, 23 rustic cabins, laundry, picnic areas (é), picnic pavilions, canoe launch, snack bar, swimming pool, hiking trails (29 miles), bike trail (11miles), bridle trails (4.5 miles), snowmobile trails (12 miles), craft center, playground, lookout tower, scenic overlook.
Activities:Camping, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, nature programs.
Special Features:Park contains "Forest Cathedral," a significant stand of virgin white pine and hemlock timber which has been designated a National Natural Landmark.
Address:PO Box 120
Cooksburg, PA 16217

Size: 8,500 acres.

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DALE LUTHRINGER, environmental education specialist at Cook Forest State Park, and Bob Leverett of the Native Tree Society invited me to give a presentation about the National Big Tree Program for an advanced tree-measuring workshop this past spring.
I also met Joan Maloof, founder of the Old-Growth Forest Network--a project to educate people about old-growth forests and their preservation--of which Cook Forest State Park was the first forest to become a member.
Eastern white pine and hemlock inspire reverence in the Forest Cathedral Natural Area of Cook Forest State Park, one of the largest old-growth stands in Pennsylvania.
But in the 1920s, the Cook Forest Association formed to save the few surviving old-growth areas on vast acreage owned by the A Cook Sons Company, which had been logging in the region for nearly a century The association, endorsed by then governor Gifford Pinchot (first chief of the U.
The parks at the greatest and most immediate risk are some of our most popular, including Ohiopyle, which hosts more than a million visitors a year; Pymatuning; Goddard; Yellow Creek; Ricketts Glen; and Cook Forest.
Since 1997, NTS has measured and monitored the outstanding trees of all native species in Mohawk Trail State Forest in Massachusetts and Cook Forest State Park in Pennsylvania.
In comparison, Cook Forest State Park, located on the Allegheny Plateau of western Pennsylvania, is the forest one would expect in a scene from a Tollden novel: soaring trunks, mossy logs, a timeless appearance, truly a fairytale setting.
In 1997, Cook Forest State Park's then-new nature interpreter and educational specialist Dale Luthringer, a highly disciplined former marine, joined the newly founded NTS.
But while Mohawk has more 150 footers than Cook (130 to 122), overall, Cook Forest is slightly taller than Mohawk.
Cook Forest has four species that reach to heights of 140 feet or more: white pine, tuliptree, black cherry and hemlock.
Many of the Cook Forest hemlocks exceed 11 feet around, and a few reach girths of 13 to 14 feet and are visibly larger than their Mohawk counterparts.
Cook Forest - This gem of Pennsylvania's state park system includes a "Forest Cathedral" of towering white pines and hemlocks, a National Natural Landmark.

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