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McLuhan, Marshall

McLuhan, Marshall (Herbert Marshall McLuhan), 1911–80, Canadian communications theorist and educator, b. Edmonton, Alta. He taught at the Univ. of Toronto (1946–80) and at other institutions of higher education in Canada and the United States. McLuhan gained popularity and fame in the 1960s with his prophetic proposal that electronic media, especially television, were creating a “global village” in which “the medium is the message,” i.e., the means of communications has a greater influence on people than the information itself. While many of the mass media were in early stages of development, McLuhan considered their effects on people to be potentially toxic and dehumanizing. His books include The Mechanical Bride (1951), The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), Understanding Media (1964), From Cliché to Archetype (1970, with W. Watson), and City as Classroom (1977, with K. Hutchon and E. McLuhan).


See biographies by W. T. Gordon (1997) and D. Coupland (2010).

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However, the low definition of cool media (we have reached the consensus that spoken language and written language are the supreme forms of intellectual activities and visual image is the inferior form to interpret concepts) brings the watchers higher participation, but it does not improve their intelligence and ability of thinking.
As illustrated by the lines in The Matrix, participants are in the virtual environment produced by the low definition and high participation of the cool media.
The transparent effect and violence mentioned above can be the evidence of the "cool media" theory of McLuhan and vice versa.
In MacLuhan's theory of cool media, we find that the emotional and expressional involvement caused by image signs is the watching mode constructed by visual culture.
(2) The high participation of cool media is compulsive since the watchers are forced to be stimulated nervously and exhaust their emotions when they participate in the meaning construction with the cool medium--television.
readily understood the concept of hot and cool media when deciphering
Lucky, then, that I'm not cool media and I'd place them as a new guitar band that impress in terms of youth and vitality, but are by no means the finished article.