Coolidge Dam

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Coolidge Dam,

249 ft (76 m) high, 920 ft (280 m) long, on the Gila River, SE Ariz.; built 1927–28. It irrigates c.100,000 acres (40,470 hectares), half of which are Native American lands in San Carlos Reservation. San Carlos Reservoir, formed behind the dam, lies above old tribal burial grounds and the former camp of Geronimo.
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In 1930, Coolidge Dam in Arizona was dedicated by its namesake, former President Calvin Coolidge.
By 1924, when the Coolidge Dam was built, the tribes, who had always grown corn, fruit and vegetables in the Gila valley, were left literally high and dry as their huge river became a trickle.
Wildlife Technician Matt Hopkins, Jr., knows well the three bald eagle nest sites mapped on the reservation near Coolidge Dam, Talkalai Lake, and alongside the San Carlos River.