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The growing stands of coontail moss (also known by its formal name hydrilla verticillata) have become the kudzu of Arkansas lakes.
Much of Lake Jackson is shallow and interspersed with sand, hydrilla, water lilies, coontail and other vegetation--lovely habitat for fish.
A September teal hunter needn't worry about sucking in a lower unit full of coontail moss and setting the whole machine afire--mud motors happily grind through the slop and don't depend on a flow of water to keep them from overheating.
Shadows whisk across the water, racing past lily pads and brushing over coontail, the whispering wingbeats in full chase of the forms below.
BEHIND ME, A SPLASHING PADDLE METHODICALLY swirled in the water, thrashing lily pads and cutting coontail.
Say you're fishing a shallow flat in the spring and catching fish off of arrowhead, but not from pads, coontail or maidencane.
While today Lake Tarpon has a lot of peppergrass and some milfoil, coontail moss and eel grass, it used to have extensive hydrilla, which is prime habitat for invertebrates.