Cope, Jack

Cope, Jack


Born 1913, in the province of Natal, Republic of South Africa. South African writer; writes in English.

Cope was a leader of the South African Association of the Arts. In his novel Beautiful House (1955; Russian translation, 1960), Cope addressed himself to the heroic past of the South African Bantu peoples by depicting the uprising of the Zulus against their Anglo-Boer oppressors at the beginning of the 20th century. His novel Oriole (1958) told the story of the talented Zulu writer Glenville, a participant in the liberation movement, and denounced the country’s ruling clique. In his collection of stories The Tamed Bull (1960; Russian translation, 1963), Cope again turned to social themes.


Road to Ysterberg. London, 1959.
The Rain-maker. London, 1971.


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