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Caption: Scheme 1: Representation of the (a) binding motifs of L-alanine on the surface of copper sulphide nanoparticles and (b) effect of pH on L-alanine in an aqueous medium.
Thool, "Synthesis of copper sulphide (CuS) thin film by chemical bath deposition method and its characterisation," European Chemical Bulletin, vol.
Copper sulphide ([Cu.sub.x]S) has attracted a great deal of scientific attention due to the tunable semiconductive properties and approximate metallic behaviors depending on stoichiometry of the mineral phase [1].
(The company) is focused on the discovery, exploration and development of PGM and nickel copper sulphide deposits in geologically prospective regions in North America, particularly Canada."
From February 2009 to December 2010, Finders successfully operated a 5 tonne per day Solvent Extraction/Electro Winning ('SX/EW') demonstration plant to test copper sulphide leach kinetics, optimise process design and provide data required for project finance.
Recent research has been using very rare and expensive material to make these cells - which is not suitable for mass production.However, research has now begun on making these cells from abundant and cheap material (such as lead or copper sulphide).
Orange-gold Cupric nitrate 32 Silver carbonate 3 Red ochre 30 China clay 30 Silver/Gold Silver carbonate 20 Calcined china clay 64 Yellow ochre 12 Alumina hydrate 4 Red-gold Copper sulphide 19 Silver carbonate 2 Ferric oxide 16 China clay 63 The china clay is calcined on its own, but the remaining ingredients are mixed, then calcined.
He will also make important contributions to the upcoming feasibility study for the La Arena copper sulphide deposit.
In the past, these have been a good guide as all EM conductors drilled to date have intersected copper sulphide zones.
The ore treated in the gold leaching process contains copper, which is removed as copper sulphide. Outotec has developed the Copper Sulfide Precipitation Process, which in collaboration with Canadian miner Barrick Gold Corp (TSX: ABX), will be applied in the Pueblo Viejo project.
Copper sulphide, [Cu.sub.x]S, a fast superionic conductor with a structural disorder, is a promising material for thermoelectric and photoelectric transformers and high temperature thermistors.
Meanwhile, development in the Democratic Republic of Congo of what is thought to be the largest high-quality copper sulphide orebody in the world is marking time as risk insurers wait for a cessation to the war in that country.