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cc, CC

Abbr. for “cubic centimeter.”


The country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.


(1) See Common Criteria and closed captions.

(2) (Carbon Copy) The field in an e-mail header that names additional recipients for the message. The term comes from carbon paper, which before word processing, was commonly used to make paper copies in a typewriter. Carbon paper is a letter-size sheet with ink on one side that is inserted between two sheets of regular paper to make a copy while typing the original. Additional copies can be made at the same time by inserting more sheets of carbon and regular paper into the same stack. See bcc, fcc and Carbon Copy.
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The world premiere of One Flew Over the Copy Cat, the official "movie" of its last night, is being screened at the Bon Accord pub in Glasgow.
He enjoys playing games such as Copy Cat, where players have to memorise a series of audio and light sequences, and he'll impress you with his trivia tips - do you know a dolphin is a mammal not a fish?
NEWSPAPER men from across the generations will flock to Glasgow's Copy Cat pub on Saturday to say farewell to the famous press boozer.
The corporation is widely perceived as having declined in quality thanks to a comb in a ti on of repeats, copy cat prog r a mm in g an d "dumbed down" TV.
Europe's number two pharmaceuticals group has also faced up to copy cat versions of its drugs.
GLASGOW'S Copy Cat bar, the legendary haunt of Daily Record staff and official supplier of creative juices to this very column, has used up its ninth life.
SkyePharmahelps drug makers fight copy cat competition by improving existing products and develops its own medicines.