Copy Paper

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Copy Paper


paper used in making copies of various documents with the aid of technical office equipment. The most widely used are those used for diazo copying: diazotype paper for high-contrast diazotypes, reflex phototechnical paper for contact copies of one- or two-sided line originals, negative and positive light-sensitive paper for photocopies of line and half-tone originals, photosensitive transparent paper for contact and projection copies of line originals, and photosemiconductor paper (paper with a thin light-sensitive zinc-oxide-based layer deposited on its surface). Thermoreactive copy paper (used for reflex copying by infrared [heat] rays and for the thermal transfer of images onto plain paper) and hectographic papers are also used. Often the term “copy paper” denotes thin paper with a colored layer deposited on one side, such as carbon paper for typewriters.

Copy papers are characterized by image contrast, coloring, reproduction time (from several seconds to several minutes), processing technique (developing, fixing), and copy lifetime. Copies are often made on plain paper that has not been previously treated (for example, in contact-transfer, matrix-transfer, and electrographic copying and in copying using the apparatus of the small-graphic-arts and printing industries).


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References in classic literature ?
"'But mind you,' he said, when he had jabbed a bunch of copy paper into my hand and given me a pencil from his vest pocket, 'mind you, I won't stand for the high and flighty philosophical, and I perceive you have a tendency that way.
"'Nay, pale youth, so lily-white,' I chortled, waving the copy paper; 'not the bounce, but a detail.
Well, I took my handful of copy paper down to the railroad yards (for local color), dangled my legs from a side-door Pullman, which is another name for a box-car, and ran off the stuff.
To the man's disgust he found the reporter unarmed save for a pencil and a wad of copy paper. Out of his disappointment in not securing a weapon, he beat the reporter up some more, left him wailing among the ferns, and, astride the reporter's horse, urging it on with the reporter's whip, continued down the trail.
According to Conservatree, a nonprofit organization dedicated to converting paper markets to environmental papers, the average tree yields 17 reams of copy paper.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-21 May 2007-Stora Enso Oyj invests EUR25m in copy paper production at Veitsiluoto mill in Finland(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Premium copy paper is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled fiber.
How often do you at least figuratively crumple your copy paper, toss it into the circular file, sigh and begin anew?
Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology (IPST at Georgia Tech), was recently successfully tested at a mill making copy paper in Jackson, Alabama.
Harmon Associates, which trades between 5 and 6 million tons of scrap paper annually, has defined its Office Pack 1 (OP1) grade as having 0.5 percent or less of various contaminants, including carbon paper, Post-Its, mailing labels and coated copy paper. Total contamination to achieve the OP1 grade cannot exceed 2.0 percent.
Walls have been given a textural lining of copy paper made into uneven bricks; and the same paper has been used to form three plinths.