copying processes

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copying processes:

see printingprinting,
means of producing reproductions of written material or images in multiple copies. There are four traditional types of printing: relief printing (with which this article is mainly concerned), intaglio, lithography, and screen process printing.
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; photocopyingphotocopying,
process whereby written or printed matter is directly copied by photographic techniques. Generally, photocopying is practical when just a few copies of an original are needed. When many copies are required, printing processes are more economical.
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Both Desai and Del Bonta rightly point out that Indian paintings cannot be judged on the basis of a modernist aesthetic norm that prizes the individual and his originality, and views copying processes as debased, especially as copying has been central to the way Indian artists have worked.
The numerical copying processes ensure also the manufacture on the basis of physical models already made.
In terms of sheer cost savings, smart document management can have a substantial impact by helping schools manage and streamline their printing and copying processes. The reason is simple: studies indicate that the printing and copying line item in most schools' operating budgets is among one of the larger expenditures.