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in the Ottoman Empire:

(1) An officer rank among the janissaries that corresponded to the commander of an orta (company).

(2) A member of the village elite, which comprised elders, leaders, and prosperous peasants. The Turkish authorities recruited çorbacis to work in judicial and administrative agencies and usually appointed tax collectors from their ranks. In the 19th century the term came to refer mainly to merchants and wealthy Christians. In modern Turkey the term is used colloquially by sailors to mean shipowner.

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Meanwhile, lack of trust hindering the growth of crowdfunding can be resolved by using blockchain, said Turkey-based MI TECH Blockchain for Life general manager Dr Tahsin Corbaci.
Other validations (e.g., China, Poland, Turkey, Israel) also presented the same structure and psychometric quality (Cavdar, Bagci, Corbaci, Santac, & Tacdelen-Yayvak, 2015; Grygiel, Humenny, Rebisz, Switaj, & Sikorska, 2013; Iecovich, 2013; Leung, Jong Gierveld, & Lam, 2008).
Contract Awarded for Asagices Up, Ortacesme, Corbaci Yasar Kimilians Primary School Primary School Student, Ataturk Middle School, the Move To the Imam and Preacher Middle School.
High-ranking military officers in the sultan's elite Janissary Corps vied for the exalted position of "corbaci", or soup cook, an influential decoration akin to a knighthood that allowed them the privilege of wearing a ladle on their belt,.
Mustafa Aga Corbaci, leader of the local Janissaries (yerliyya), could not resist bragging that he was the "sultan of Damascus".