Carl F Cori

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Cori, Carl F. (Ferdinand)

(1896–1984) biochemist; born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He was a pharmacology assistant in Vienna (1920–22), then emigrated with his wife Gerty to work at the State Institute for the Study of Malignant Disease (Buffalo, N.Y.) (1922–31). He moved to Washington University (St. Louis, Mo.) (1931–66), where he and his wife collaborated on investigating the biochemistry of the glucose-glycogen cycle and determining the mechanism of action of insulin. They became the third husband-and-wife team to receive the Nobel Prize when they won half the 1947 award in physiology for their research on glucose metabolism and its requisite enzymes. After Gerty Cori's death in 1957, Carl Cori remarried and continued an active teaching and research career at both Washington University and Harvard Medical School (1966–84).
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