Gulf of Corinth

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Corinth, Gulf of,

inlet of the Ionian Sea, c.80 mi (130 km) long and from 3 to 20 mi (4.8–32 km) wide, indenting central Greece and separating the PeloponnesusPeloponnesus
or Pelopónnisos
, formerly Morea
, peninsula (1991 pop. 1,086,935), c.8,300 sq mi (21,500 sq km), S Greece. It is linked with central Greece by the Isthmus of Corinth, and it is washed by the Aegean Sea on the east and southeast, by the
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 from the Greek mainland. It is connected with the Saronic Gulf by the 4-mi (6.4-km) Corinth Canal (which cuts across the Isthmus of Corinth at sea level) and with the Gulf of Pátrai by the Ríon Strait, which is crossed by a 7,382-ft (2,250 m) cable-stayed bridge at Ríon. The city of CorinthCorinth
or Kórinthos
, city (1991 pop. 27,412), capital of Corinth prefecture, S Greece, in the NE Peloponnesus, on the Gulf of Corinth. It is a port and major transportation center trading in olives, tobacco, raisins, and wine.
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 lies on the gulf's southeastern shore. It is also known as the Gulf of Lepanto.

Corinth, Gulf of


a gulf of the Ionian Sea, on the western coast of Greece. Length, 130 km; width at the mouth, 3 km; maximum width, 35 km; depth, up to 935 m. Its mountainous northern shores are broken up by numerous inlets and bays. The Corinth Canal links it with the Aegean Sea.

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The municipality Mandra - romance is one of the largest in area municipalities of the country and western borders of the Corinthian Gulf, the Northern Region Boeotia Southeast with the City Eleusis and Southwest with the City Palace.
One approach is to suggest that three notional geographic zones make up the EKAS survey area: the northern Corinthian plain, a lowland corridor that links ancient Corinth with the Corinthian Gulf and the Isthmus; the Saronic Gulf zone south of the Isthmus; and the trans-Oneion zone, comprising the upland hills and mountains and the basins south of the Oneion ridge (Fig.
Kromna is situated on the lowland corridor known as the northern Corinthian plain, comprising the coastal front on the Corinthian Gulf and the fertile plain behind it.