Cornelis Van Bynkershoek

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Bynkershoek, Cornelis Van


Born 1673; died 1743. Dutch jurist and scholar; an authority on maritime and commercial law and their practice.

Bynkershoek was the author of works on special problems of international law, including Sovereignty of the Seas (1702), The Legal Status of Ambassadors (1721), and Questions of Public Law: Two Books (1737), which have retained their great importance up to the present day. He was one of the founders of the positive approach in bourgeois doctrine on international law. Bynkershoek believed that the basis of international law was the general agreement of nations, which was expressed in international custom or international treaties.

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It says something that no one thought to arrange for another English translation of Pufendorf's main work, De jure naturae et gentium (1672) for 200 years--between the initial version by Basil Kennett in the early 1700s, and the early-20th century translation underwritten by the Carnegie Institute, which also sponsored English editions of such minor figures in the history of international law as Cornelius van Bynkershoek and Balthazar Ayala.
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