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Corner board is used to make sure that strapping does not damage the product being strapped.
Sometimes, during corner board pilot testing, we discover further sustainability savings by down-gauging the caliper thickness of the corrugated case boxes," he adds.
The Talmud calculates the thickness of the boards by subtracting the half-cubit needed to be filled by the corner board from its 1.
that a newer Knights Corner board should deliver multiple teraflop/s of single-precision performance per PCIe card and 2.
Instead of butting my siding to my corner board trim, I raise it so my siding can go behind the corner board, so I don't have a caulk joint and an expansion/contraction issue that I can't cover," Porter says.
Our corner board used to go under strapping to protect a corrugated or other packaging from damage from the straps," says Schroeder.
Also, the trim nails look better where nails will be exposed, especially on a prefinished corner board.
Josh Shaeffer rebounded a Flynn shot that ricocheted off the left corner board at 7:40 for a power-play goal.
And with either shingles or siding, accurate coursing is essential, because there's no intervening corner board to conceal any slight irregularities in alignment.
Overlap the front corner board onto the side corner board (Figure E, online).
It's an especially good substitute for wood trim in areas that are highly exposed to water, such as corner board and door trim that's near the ground or unprotected by an overhang.