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language belonging to the Brythonic group of the Celtic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. See Celtic languagesCeltic languages,
subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. At one time, during the Hellenistic period, Celtic speech extended all the way from Britain and the Iberian Peninsula in the west across Europe to Asia Minor in the east, where a district still known as
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See P. B. Ellis, The Cornish Language and Its Literature (1974).

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(also Cornish hens), a breed of chickens developed for meat production. They were developed in England in the duchy of Cornwall by crossing fighting cocks of an ancient English breed with aseels and malays. According to the color of their plumage, they are distinguished as Dark, White, and White-laced Red Cornish. The most common are those with predominantly white feathers.

Cornishes have a sharply pronounced flesh-and-fat-covered carcass. The cock weighs approximately 4.2 kg, and the hen approximately 3.3 kg. The hen lays 110–130 eggs per year. The eggs are light brown and weigh 57–58 g. Birds of the Cornish breed mature rapidly and transmit their meat-producing characteristics to succeeding generations. They are widely used for crossbreeding with egg-and-meat producers to obtain hybrid chicks that are raised for their meat. Cornish chickens are raised in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Japan. In the USSR there are some lines of this breed on farms in the Lithuanian SSR and in several oblasts of the RSFSR, including the Moscow and Leningrad oblasts.

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a former language of Cornwall, belonging to the S Celtic branch of the Indo-European family and closely related to Breton: extinct by 1800; has experienced a revival since the early 20th century
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He was going with the tide now: there was a rising feeling in the county of pride in Cornwall and Cornishness, and indeed in him, now the greatest living Cornishman. He had been made a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd in 1968, something he once thought bogus, but now he encouraged the Celtic Revival's heirs, including Mebyon Kernow, soon a political party campaigning for more self-government for the nation of Kernow (Cornwall).
(Interesting light on his failure to receive any honour from the Crown until his last days can be found in the recently published, second volume of the diary of Woodrow Wyatt, a fellow Cornishman.)
Author Winston Graham's notes reveal that he researched the life of Lieut Gen Sir Richard Hussey Vivian, a Cornishman, Battle of Waterloo veteran and politician.
That time frame would give little time for Cornishman Nowell to recover ahead of the Chiefs' first European Champions Cup game on the weekend of October 14-16.
It depicts the arrival of the Cornishman, the 9.15 service from Wolverhampton into Snow Hill, departure time 9.50, bound for Penzance.
The Cornishman's victory at the 2007 Cardiff showcase remains one of the most famous triumphs in the competition's 20-year history and Harris would love to send the Welsh capital wild again.
e popular Cornishman bagged 12+1 to lead Birmingham to a condence-boosting win over Eastbourne and he wants more of the same at his former club Coventry tomorrow.
The tall Cornishman was despatched through midoff by Rudolph who then cut Raine for four, whilst Rees also unfurled a rasping straight drive against Shreck.
Cornishman Harris said: For a rider like me, Leszno is a great track.
The Cornishman admits his ambition to reach the top was fuelled by a youthful obsession with Roy of the Rovers.
"Being a small trainer in this [economic] climate isn't fun, and I've been struggling in terms of numbers," says the 41-year-old Cornishman.