Coronel, Battle of 1914

Coronel, Battle of (1914)


a naval battle fought on November 1 near the city of Coronel, Chile, between British and German cruiser squadrons in World War I (1914–18).

On November 1, Admiral M. von Spec’s German squadron (two armored cruisers and three light cruisers), which was in the Pacific Ocean, engaged Rear Admiral Cradock’s British squadron (two armored cruisers, one light cruiser, and one auxiliary cruiser). Because the artillery on the German ships was superior in rate of fire and in the intensity of volleys, two British armored cruisers were sunk in the battle, and the other cruisers managed to escape. The battle of Coronel prompted the British command to take steps to destroy the German squadron, which led to the battle of the Falklands of 1914.