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imposts levied by federal, state, or local governments against corporations, their income, or their peculiar attributes, such as charters, capitalization, dividends, and franchises. In the United States such taxes were brought about by the difficulty of taxing corporate bonds and stocks and by the growth of corporations beyond state bounds, with consequent difficulty of assessment and taxation. Such special state corporation taxes now include fees and licenses for incorporation or for an increase in capitalization or for filing the corporation's charter in another state; taxes on gross earnings; taxes on tonnage and financial instruments or transactions; franchise taxes; capital stock taxes; and net income taxes. In 1909 the federal government imposed an excise tax on net incomes of U.S. corporations. That tax was superseded by a corporation income taxincome tax,
assessment levied upon individual or corporate incomes. Although personal incomes were occasionally taxed in medieval Italian cities, the income tax is essentially a modern form of taxation.
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 after the Sixteenth Amendment (1913). In Great Britain in 1920 a tax was levied on corporations, including foreign companies of limited liability doing business in Great Britain, but exempting the profits of corporations receiving income from other corporations already taxed. In both the United States and Great Britain, excess profits taxexcess profits tax,
levy on any profit above a standard level. Chiefly a wartime phenomenon, it is intended to increase revenue during periods of distress and to prevent businessmen from taking unfair advantage of the increased government spending and consumer demand that
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 has generally been imposed only during wartime.


See S. Réamonn, The Philosophy of the Corporate Tax (1970); H. Nurnburg, Cash Movements Analysis of the Accounting for Corporate Income Taxes (1971).

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According to the reports, the minister has proposed measures to offset effects from the corporate tax hike that will generate annual revenue of around e1/4170 mln.
Rather, the mooted increase is "related to problems arising in the area of international services from maintaining an overly low corporate tax. These are problems related to double taxation agreements and the country's placement on 'black lists'."
The index scores each country's system based on the degree to which it enables corporate tax avoidance combined with the scale of its corporate activity to determine the share of global corporate activity put at risk of tax avoidance by the country.
Other countries with a high corporate tax rate are typically struggling economically.
'Of the total amount, [the company] should pay 1.5 billion won in corporate tax,' the court said in its ruling, only partly upholding the decision of an appeals court that said Samsung Electronics was liable for the full 70.6 billion won.
The IMF official pointed out that the current high corporate tax rate acts as a disincentive to businesses not receiving tax incentives, who are effectively subsidizing the current recipients of incentives.
Corporate tax reform comprises Package 2 of the Duterte administration's Comprehensive Tax Reform Program.
With this proposed rate, our highest corporate tax rate will be mostly 40 percent, and next highest rate will be 37.5 percent, except for tobacco manufacturers and non-listed mobile phone operators, Muhith added The publicly traded bank, insurance and financial institutions and bank, insurance and financial institutions approved by government in 2013 and non-publicly traded bank, insurance and financial institutions will get some relief in the coming fiscal as the Finance Minister proposed lowering their tax rates.
In the article taken down from the ABC website, Alberici noted that government ministers repeatedly claim that Australia's "headline" or top corporate tax rate of 30 per cent will push companies to invest in other, lower taxing countries.
"Overall, changes in state tax bases have made the state corporate tax system more generous towards corporations, and are reducing the extent to which tax rate increases raise corporate tax revenue," wrote Suarez Serrato, along with his co-author Owen Zidar, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Booth's School of Business.
The board chair for the Ahantaman Rural Bank has opined that the new corporate tax, imposed on the 142 rural banks across the country, will reduce their profits.
New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is likely to slash corporate tax rate by about one percent and may put an end date for certain exemptions availed by the industry, in his Budget for 2016-17, tax experts said.

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