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1. (in Britain) a department of the national government
2. in the US
a. a governmental agency, esp of the Federal government
b. a subdivision of such an agency or of a department
3. a place where tickets, information, etc., can be obtained
4. Christianity
a. a ceremony or service, prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities, esp one for the dead
b. the order or form of these
c. RC Church the official daily service
d. short for divine office

What does it mean when you dream about an office?

Dreams about one’s place of work may simply indicate that one can’t leave work at the office, has too much to do, or too much on one’s mind. An office is often a symbol of authority and of one’s professional esteem and position in the world. Other kinds of meanings are indicated by the nature of a particular office (e.g., the welfare office, a lawyer’s office).


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Fletcher Priest, which has experience in designing corporate offices and of modelling interiors using CAD was appointed to fit-out the building, working closely with Bennetts in planning layouts.
He started his career with Hormel Foods in 1980 in the mechanical division at Ottumwa, Iowa, and became senior staff engineer at the corporate office in 1987.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) is a fully integrated, self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on the ownership, management, leasing, acquisition and development of suburban office properties located primarily in submarkets within the Greater Washington, DC region.
Southgate Corporate Office Center is a 3-building 750,000 s/f complex adjacent to 1-287 in Morristown.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) (NYSE:OFC) announced today that its Board of Trustees has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.
A major renovation is underway at 475 South Street, a 209,000-square-foot office building in the Southgate Corporate Office Center designed to make the 3-story building one of the most aesthetically attractive and sophisticated Class A workplaces in the area.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) (NYSE:OFC) announced today that it signed a second long term lease with Northrop Grumman Corporation for a 102,842 square foot, one story office building that will contain a Tier II+ data center and call center.
Lawrence Zirinsky Associates has completed a transaction with its long-time partner, developer Anders Billing, in which it will purchase the remaining interest in two buildings with options to buy the third building of their jointly-owned Southgate Corporate Office Center, a three-building 720,000 s/f complex in Moros township, N.
eIuTheir unique ability to serve as a single, reliable source for all our telecommunications services, as well as being able to provide a Mitel VoIP solution made Eschelon the best choice for our critical corporate office needs.

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