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corporate portal

An internal website (intranet) that provides proprietary, enterprise-wide information to company employees as well as access to selected public websites and vertical-market websites (suppliers, vendors, etc.). It includes a search engine for internal documents as well as the ability to customize the portal page for different user groups and individuals. It is the internal equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web.

There are several comprehensive enterprise information portal (EIP) software packages, including BEA WebLogic Portal (, ATG Portal (, Sybase Enterprise Portal (, CleverPath Portal ( and Vignette Application Portal ( See portal, vertical portal, business intelligence portal and personalization.

Portal Software
Products such as MyEureka provided out-of-the-box portal software that could be customized. This example is a page that delivered news and links to pages and sites of personal interest. (Screen shot courtesy of Information Advantage, Inc.) See MyEureka.
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Contract notice: (T) (advance processing) technical assistance for the development, maintenance of corporate portals intranet and internet websites air force (jstcis) web.
Furthermore, a best practice inquiry management process as well as self-service student and corporate portals meanthat all students and corporate partners around the worldwill receive the same high level of service.
The Global CIO event highlights once again Reksoft's experience with web-based solutions and corporate portals that give enterprises a shared information infrastructure with all core functionality, a familiar and user-friendly interface and the necessary tools and flexibility for online collaboration.
It can also be used for streaming and recording corporate portals where the user can monitor their use, archive streaming sessions and address books.
The solution has the ability to provide data in other forms compatible with corporate portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint.
Smartphone-class devices are becoming more available, affordable and widely purchased, and their users want easy access to easy-to-use email, calendars, and corporate portals. Will IT accommodate the trend or fight it?
They are: (1) corporate portals and Intranet; (2) best practices; (3) training, and (4) expatriates, which will be analyzed in the empiric section of this article.
The 11 chapters explore governance roles, levels of collaboration, content management, a simplified writing style for online content, corporate portals, intranet search engines, and the information architecture discipline.
NGES allows employees to access internal and external RSS feeds within Microsoft Outlook, mobile devices, corporate portals and the Web without having to download any client-side software.
Of course, syndicated business news and information services have thrived on corporate portals and intranets for years.
-- Portlet Caching: Reduces server latency associated with portlets in corporate portals. -- Browser Interaction Enhancements: Improves end user performance by optimizing browser-server interactions.
Without careful consideration of each step, companies may be doomed to the "library-hit-by-a-tornado" effect, where corporate portals are essentially unstructured corporate newspapers produced by every department within the company.

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