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a military ship or armed merchant vessel that carries on independent combat actions on sea- or ocean-lanes to destroy enemy military transports and merchant vessels.

During World War I, Germany used cruisers as raiders, including some auxiliary cruisers camouflaged as neutral merchant vessels. Early in World War II, fascist Germany used the battleship Bismarck and three pocket battleships and cruisers as raiders.

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Meanwhile, activist shareholders and hedge fund icons such as Robert Monks and John Paulson began softening some of the corporate raiders' techniques, raising money from other investors and aiming not for full board control, but for minority board representation.
Sloan of General Motors to the silver screen's iconic corporate raider Gordon Gecko the masters of finance and industry have excused the human costs of business decisions as irrelevant.
"Transcast has regrettably been portrayed by Chrysler et al as a form of corporate raider seeking to take advantage of the OEMs in the current economic maelstrom in which the automotive industry finds itself," said Dean Topolinski, president and director of Transcast, when the original statement was released.
However, they note that the pair had been fired from an earlier company after its acquisition by a corporate raider, and equate their plight with a red train experience.
Murakami, who also has a reputation as a corporate raider, ''will helm the operations here and may make Singapore his home,'' the daily said.
Written by a former "roughneck" in the Texas oil field trade, among many other careers, Offshore is an exciting novel about the fierce competition between an offshore drilling company and the family dynasty behind it, and the predatory cunning of a Wall Street corporate raider. Partly a tale of a father and his estranged son seeking to make amends, partly a love story, part redemption saga, and part pluckly novel of determination to win a challenge, Offshore culminates in a devil's bargain that pits a family's drive to succeed against not only the ruthlessness of their enemies, but the force of an incoming hurricane.
Attorney Meredith Hunter is stunned when the will announces that Rowena's unheard of grandson, corporate raider James Grant Gallagher, will inherit everything; if he refuses the $100 million plus estate will go literally to the dogs.
It may be wonderful to be a bold corporate raider or to lead the detached life of a contemplative monk, but it would be ludicrous to switch between these on alternate Tuesdays.
The rage of the 1980s was mergers and acquisitions (M&As in the shorthand of the business), and a new breed of shark, called the corporate raider, started swimming in the tank.
Corporate raider financier Carl Icahn, who came to prominence in the 1980s by purchasing stakes in undervalued companies in turmoil, has issued a filing with the Federal Trade Commission to purchase a significant stake in the struggling J.C.
Campbell is a hobby trainer-breeder and stands Corporate Raider, Machine Gun Tom's sire, at his Bellbridge Stud in Perth.

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