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  1. as in Spain under Franco and more generally in association with FASCISM, the state control of major ‘corporations’ (e.g. labour organizations), with the aim of removing or suppressing social conflict, fostering nationalism, etc.
  2. relations between government and key interest groups (see PRESSURE GROUPS), especially big business and TRADE UNIONS, involving:
  1. intermediation – bodies standing between the state and the individual citizen negotiate agreements with the government on behalf of their members (e.g. agreements on wages and prices);
  2. incorporation – the possession of a special status by these organizations (e.g. in the UK the CBI or the TUC), so that, in some respects, they become virtual extensions of government, what Middlemas, Politics in an Industrial Society, (1979) calls ‘governing institutions’. The UK is often regarded as having moved in a corporatist direction in this second sense in the period 1960 to 1979, a tendency which was reversed with the election of the Thatcher government in 1979. Modern Austria is some times advanced as a more fully developed example of corporatism in sense 2 , characterized by features lacking in the UK, including wide social agreement on the value of social partnership, compulsory membership of trade unions and employers organizations, and effective cooperation between capital and labour.
In a more general sense, ‘intermediate organizations’, and thus ‘corporatist’ social structures, were advanced as a solution to modern social ills by DURKHEIM. Corporatism is often regarded as one of the ways in which governments intervene to manage ADVANCED CAPITALISM. However, in the UK and elsewhere corporatism has been undermined by crises of accumulation and a reversal of consensus politics.


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Who are the children in long-term care for whom the corporate state is a parent?
Class Relations in the Corporate State and Corporate Society
The author's efforts to elevate the meaning of his story to The Corporate State and the Broker State are less successful.
While not wishing to paint too rosy a picture, the experiences of caring for children with complex needs show that the corporate state can parent, be it with qualifications; the care system is viable, but only if properly managed and supported; and care leavers can do well, although they remain especially vulnerable to social and psychological problems.
Thanks to money wasted in support of the national religion, our quality of life is dire, and although our political instituti ons work smoothly for the few, the many hate them; hence the necessity of every corporate candidate for President to run against the government, which is, of course, the corporate state - good fun.
The proposal for Christian trade unions, in place of Solidarity, that has been in the air since the imposition of martial law would be appropriate under a corporate state.
The research, "A Generational Xchange: A Guide to Managing and Mentoring Generation X," was commissioned by Deloitte & Touche and The Corporate State, and conducted by Yankelovich Partners.
Social partnership in America would be a step toward the corporate state, not toward greater industrial democracy; a suppression of the class struggle, not a sublimation of it.
The company also changed its incorporated jurisdiction from Utah to Nevada, a more corporate state.
California is fertile ground for Citibank's alliance with the SBA," noted Eric Daniels, president and corporate state officer for Citibank in California.
Contrary to Western perceptions, China is hardly a booming market economy as much as a mercantile Corporate State under the leadership and patronage of the CCP and its various family cousins and sycophants.

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