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His father he scarcely remembered, and he had been educated in the Corps of Pages.
Petersburg Corps of Pages and in Leipzig, Ger., where he studied law.
Born on August 19, 1853, and educated in the Corps of Pages; began his military career as a cavalry officer in the Caucasus, and distinguished himself by his bold and daring tactics during the Russo-Turkish War (April 1877-March 1878); commanded the Eighth Army with distinction in Galicia in the opening campaigns of World War I on the Eastern front (August-September 1914); defeated Austrian attempt to relieve their beleaguered fortress of Przemysl (March-April 1915); guarded the left flank of the gap created by the Gorlice-Tarnow breakthrough (May), and covered the retreat of the shattered Third Army (May-August); succeeded Gen.

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