Corrected mean temperature

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air temperature

The various types of temperatures include:
i. Indicated air temperature (IAT). The uncorrected reading from the free air temperature gauge.
ii. Basic air temperature (BAT). The indicated air temperature corrected for instrument error.
iii. True air temperature (TAT). The basic air temperature corrected for the temperature rise resulting from the heat of compression and skin friction. Also known as outside air temperature (OAT).
iv. Corrected mean temperature. The temperature of the static air; this is the same as ambient temperature and true air temperature.
v. Ram air temperature (RAT). The static air temperature plus temperature rise because of compressibility. It is usually 80% of true air temperature.
vi. Total air temperature (TAT). The temperature actually sensed by the temperature probe (i.e., BAT or basic air temperature). It is ambient temperature plus rise resulting from compressibility plus rise from skin friction. air terminal A facility on an airfield that functions as an air transportation hub and accommodates the loading and unloading of airlift aircraft and the intransit processing of traffic. The airfield may or may not be designated as an aerial port.
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