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His topics include psychiatric research, one-variable descriptive statistics, probability and probability distributions, basic elements of statistical inference, experimental data analysis: ANOVA, correlation analysis and regression analysis, survival analysis and validity analysis, multivariate statistical methods, discrimination analysis, reporting the results, and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).
Bivariate correlation analysis was performed to analyses the relationship between these significant variables and the occurrence of a PLT count <125x[10.sup.9]/L at POM 3.
Linear correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis were used for correlation analysis.
(NASDAQ: GSUM), the Gridsum Big Data Platform and the Gridsum Prophet: Enterprise AI Engine, is built on a distributed computing framework and performs real-time multi-dimensional correlation analysis of both structured and unstructured data.
Bi-variate Pearson Correlation analysis was accompanied on the Pareto Principle and five levels of leadership to check the initial support for the hypothesized relationship of presented in figure.2 the initial outputs showed that Pareto Principle and Maxwell's levels of leadership (r=.454) was significantly correlated.
Table-IV correlation analysis of ACR with different parameters of the two genders.
The oil/source rock correlation analysis using biomarker data shows that the oils in Prabumulih field is correlated with the oils in source rock of Talang Akar Formation.
For correlation between thiol and disulfide values with climacteric symptoms, the Pearson analysis was used for parameters with normal distribution, while the Spearman correlation analysis was used for those without normal distribution.
Sensing the City Uses image recognition and correlation analysis to explore the relationships between people, places, vehicles and things for the purpose of fostering harmony for all.
Therefore, we carried out a correlation analysis between the temperament of the residents of prefectures and the regional characteristics of prefectures and the data on stray IoT devices investigated by prefecture in Japan.
Earlier researchers carried out the correlation analysis studies to probe the effects of different morphological and physiological traits on grain yield under moisture stress condition (Ahmad et al., 2013b).
Across the seven months from April to October, correlation analysis shows that for every transaction recorded online two and a half were recorded in store.