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Commerce a person or firm that has regular business relations with another, esp one in a different part of the country or abroad



(1) Professional journalist who holds a staff position on a publication (a newspaper’s own correspon-dent), or who carries out special assignments of the editorial board (special correspondent), or who specializes in a given field of journalism (for example, a newspaper or magazine photographer).

(2) A contributor to a publication who does not hold a staff position but regularly does some work for one of the media of mass information or propaganda (worker or village correspon-dent, military correspondent, youth correspondent).

(3) The editorial board of a newspaper, radio station, or television station, contributing to another organ of mass information or propaganda (collective correspondent).

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Like his contemporary Poggio Bracciolini, Barbaro's selection of his letters for presentation in several canonical collections allowed the Venetian humanist to engage in some "Renaissance self-fashioning." Though the letters are usually presented in chronological order, the texts of some of th e earlier letters have been omitted from the canonical collection, permitting Barbaro to present his own interests and the responses of his correspondents in just the right light.
WESTERN FOREIGN correspondents -- mainly American and British -- are leaving Tokyo in droves, ironically driven from one of the world's most important datelines by the strengthening yen, which makes the cost of maintaining a full bureau unrealistic for most newspapers.
Global Banking News-July 23, 2013--Banks looking to use correspondents as recovery agents(C)2013 ENPublishing -
* However, this article focuses solely on the earlier set of proposed rules addressing lender networth requirements and rules for loan correspondents operating under the sponsorship of approved FHA lenders.
RECENTLY YOU MAY have noticed some of the incredible imagery, writing and new media posts across the CCO being credited to Cadet Correspondents. This new powerhouse addition to the public affairs (PA) function is a result of empowering youth to tell their own stories on official platforms, enabling them to produce content that resonates with our target audience, all while developing a valuable life skill and building a portfolio they can take with them when they leave the program.
Al Arab, who had covered 10 wars throughout his 25-year media career, said media industry needs a new trained generation of war correspondents to deliver the accurate image of regional conflicts.
Chairman of SIS, Diaa Rashwan - File photo CAIRO -- 27 March 2018: Foreign Correspondents Completed Media Coverage of the First Day of Presidential Elections Reporting No Complaints, the State of Informaton Service (SIS) said in a statement.
The time has come for this year's ( White House Correspondents' Dinner , a century-old tradition sometimes known as the "nerd prom." While the industry's leading journalists will be in attendance, conspicuously absent will be President Donald Trump, who planned to skip the event.
Gellhorn was one of 1,500 war correspondents accredited by the US War Department during World War II.
Global Banking News-July 19, 2016--RBI creating registry of banking correspondents
Foreign Correspondents and International Newsgathering: The Role of Fixers.
ONE of the UK's leading business correspondents will be sharing his experiences of 20 years in the media, at one of the highlights of the North Wales business calendar.