Corrugated Iron

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Corrugated Iron


wavy sheets made of black or galvanized steel 1.0-1.8 mm thick. Corrugated iron is made by cold-rolling sheets between two shaped rolls or by stamping on mechanical presses. To avoid excess stretching, the waves of the sheet are formed one after the other; for this purpose the mill rolls are shaped so that the waves are distributed along their axes. The sheets usually move between the rolls in a transverse direction. The presence of the corrugations gives corrugated iron significant toughness and great bending strength in operation. Corrugated iron is used for rafterless coverings for industrial buildings, for vaulted structures, for gutters of highways and railroads, and for field defensive works (light vaults covered with a protective layer of earth).


corrugated iron

Sheet steel (usually galvanized) which has been fabricated as a corrugated metal.
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