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see Barbary StatesBarbary States,
term used for the North African states of Tripolitania, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. From the 16th cent. Tripolitania, Tunisia, and Algeria were autonomous provinces of the Turkish Empire. Morocco pursued its own independent development.
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; piracypiracy,
robbery committed or attempted on the high seas. It is distinguished from privateering in that the pirate holds no commission from and receives the protection of no nation but usually attacks vessels of all nations.
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a robber on the high seas. Originally, around the 14th century, the term was applied to seafaring robbers of North Africa. Later the term acquired a broader meaning, becoming a synonym for pirate and privateer.

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1. a pirate
2. a privateer, esp of the Barbary Coast
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Eli Larson, a towering presence in the Corsairs' back line during the first half, and a key figure after the break, brought his club closer when he converted his spotkick in the 46th minute after Ian McKernan was hauled down in the box.
The author informs us that many of today's Muslims seem to see the Somali pirates as heirs of the earlier Barbary corsairs" and that even Western commentators are falling into step, with talk of Somalia becoming the 'new Barbary'" (12).
Corsair GS Series power supplies now have an upgraded architecture that achieves 80 PLUS Bronze certification to provide up to 85% energy-efficiency under typical usage conditions, resulting in lower energy bills and less heat.
"Our Corsairs were parked along the side of the main runway," Wells recalled in an interview after the war.
Hill came up with the puck and punched a shot past Fink for his second goal of the night, giving the Corsairs the lead.
THE stylish Ford Corsair caused quite a stir with the British motoring public when it was introduced in 1963A snip at just on pounds 700 on the road, it was then the bee's knees in automotive styling, with its pointy nose, shallow full-width chrome radiator grille and long boot.
MAG-12 consisted of VMA-121 flying ADs, VMAs 223 and 323 with F4U and AU Corsairs, and VMF-3 12 flying F4Us.
Needing a win over the Dons to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Corsairs went for it on fourth down every time they crossed the Dons' 40-yard line and coach Blake Annen even called for two fake punts over the course of the game.
Compared to the sleek F9F Panthers and F2H Banshees, or the heavily armed and ordnance-laden Skyraiders and Corsairs, we certainly weren't glamorous.
But on Friday night in Arlington Heights, the Corsairs (12-4-1) saw their chances of earning the championship trophy greatly diminished by St.
VMF-323 and VMF-214 Corsairs flew cover for the Marines, pouring machine gun fire into enemy positions not 50 yards ahead of the assault forces.
Sarah Galla and Emma Heinrich put the Corsairs (11-3-0, 6-0-0) in control with their two goals in the first quarter hour.