Henry Cort

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Henry Cort
BirthplaceLancaster, Lancashire, England
Inventor, pioneer in the iron industry
Known for Inventions relating to puddling and rolling in the manufacture of iron.

Cort, Henry,

1740–1800, English inventor. He revolutionized the British iron industry with his use of grooved rollers to finish iron, replacing the process of hammering, and through his invention of the puddling process. This process, called puddling, involved stirring the molten pig iron in a reverbatory furnace until the decarburizing action of the air produced a loop of pure metal.

Cort, Henry


Born 1740, in Lancaster; died May 23, 1800, in London. English metallurgist.

Cort’s father was a mason. In 1783, Cort obtained a patent for his invention of a method for rolling commercial steel by using special rollers. In 1784 he perfected puddling—the process of converting pig iron into wrought iron. Puddling played a major role in the development of English metallurgy during the indus-trial revolution.


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